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What We Do

We help PEs, VCs and strategic buyers minimize risks and increase ROI by carrying out comprehensive analysis of the digital side of their future investments.

Experience tells us that having the comfort of making decisions based on a solid understanding of the digital and business landscapes significantly increases the chances of the overall success of an investment. This is why Unicornly favors a holistic, A-Z approach to tech due diligence.

The assessment process is always well planned and thought through. From day 1, starting by understanding the investment or acquisition thesis, we keep the goals and expectations of stakeholders in mind. Then, we evaluate the technology, talent and processes against the desired outcomes. We assess 12 areas using a 360-degree approach, including architecture, codebase, infrastructure, security, technical team, processes, IP & open source, product strategy, user experience, customer acquisition, customer retention and market & competition.

As a result, we identify risks that could potentially impact a transaction’s business objectives. We put a spotlight on adding extra value and highlighting opportunities that may increase ROI and accelerate growth. Thanks to this, PE, VC and corporate investors can make risk-proof decisions based on solid and comprehensive assessments. 

Included in the tech due diligence report:


As a part of our assessment, we put a spotlight on the tech part of the business. We analyze architecture and infrastructure to validate its performance and scalability. We take a close look at the quality and security of the codebase to understand potential vulnerabilities. We also assess IP and open source components to get the widest possible perspective of the technology solutions in use.

People & Processes

During our evaluations, we pay special attention to people. We assess the technical team and its composition, organization and competence. We evaluate a company's culture and how it attracts and retains talent. We understand HR processes in order to suggest best practices and ways to improve. Product and software development processes are also assessed, including methodologies and tools.

Digital Strategy

Assessing digital strategy is an important part of tech DD. We focus attention on a product’s vision, strategy and roadmap to determine whether it is reasonable, feasible, and aligned with sales targets. We go through customer acquisition plans to understand the growth potential, with particular emphasis on user retention, engagement and upselling. Moreover, we perform market analysis to identify opportunities for disruption and to properly position the brand.

Some of our clients


• Software architecture
• Technology stack
• Dependencies on external data or code
• Scalability and extensibility


• Source code quality
• Technical debt
• Maintainability
• Ease of replication


• System architecture
• DevOps
• Performance monitoring
• System scalability


• Best practices
• Disaster recovery
• Security monitoring
• Known vulnerabilities

Technical Team

• Key personnel
• Team competence and organization
• Talent acquisition and retention
• R&D spend


• Software development process
• Methodologies
• Tools
• Scalability

IP & Open Source

• Discovery of open-source components
• License violations
• Security vulnerabilities
• IP ownership

Product Strategy

• Product development process
• Vision, strategy and roadmap
• SWOT analysis
• Roadmap feasibility


• Market size
• Emerging trends and potential disruptors
• Competition
• Market positioning


• Digital strategy
• Acquisition channels
• Conversion
• Lead nurturing


• Onboarding and usage
• Upselling and cross-selling
• Churn
• Brand sentiment

User Experience

• Customer experience across all touchpointsProduct quality
• Product quality
• Usability
• Customer support

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