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Legal Tech

Unicornly is a major technology partner of law firms, legal departments and enterprises worldwide.

Legal tech services

Our serious approach to cybersecurity and privacy issues has been recognized in the legal tech industry. For almost a decade Unicornly has been a major technology partner to law firms, legal departments and enterprises worldwide providing well-designed tailor-made tools and solutions ranging from a practice management software to artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Unlike other software development companies, we have a unique know-how about legal operations, lawyers’ needs and the legal tech market in general. Combining that with expert use of latest technologies, we are able to offer solutions that will realistically automate legal work, reduce costs and give our clients a strong competitive advantage.

In July this year we got featured on the cover of the CIO Applications magazine published in Silicon Valley as “Top 10 Legal Technology Consulting/Services Companies 2019”. You can find more information under this link: https://www.cioapplicationseurope.com/magazines/July2019/Legal_Tech/.

Bespoke legal tech solutions

Do you want to create a software tool to automate internal operations or create a commercial product? Unicornly is a perfect vendor for these kinds of projects. Having a trusted software provider is a smart alternative for time-consuming recruiting process.

Legacy software modernization

Do you use an outdated software that works slowly and doesn’t meet the requirements of today? Based on your legacy software Unicornly can build a modern GDPR-compilant solution that is fast, secure and has great design.

Digital transformation

Would you like greater operational efficiency, cost savings and increased cybersecurity? Unicornly can set up a secure server environment based on AWS or any other cloud provider and migrate all your files and software to the cloud.

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Practice management software

Legal practice management solutions concentrate around back-office processes such as billing, calendaring, and task management, project management, case management and client management. Streamlining interactions between lawyers and their clients enables lawyers to run their practices more efficiently.

Legal billing software

In an industry where billable hours are king invoicing software is extremely important. Legal billing solutions automate much of the time tracking and invoicing processes. Supported by AI these applications are able to collect time-stamped data regarding all client-related activities and assign them to specific projects.

Law firm business intelligence

The purpose of business intelligence (BI) in a law firm is to sift through data and information in new ways to find opportunities to drive profitable business. It has many useful applications in the pursuit of new business and solidifying relationships among existing clients.

Document management

The practice of law is document intensive. Most attorneys create volumes of letters, agreements, pleadings and research not to mention manage a great deal of documentary information that they accumulate from many sources. Recent advancements in legal technology offer tools to help manage this unprecedented amount of information.

Document automation

Production of legal documents, generating high-quality documents after interactive consultations with users, either legal professionals or consumers via online legal document services.

Document analysis

AI can accelerate your company’s digital transformation by converting unstructured documents into structured data automatically. It makes this information available to your business applications and users while saving you time, money, and labor in the process.

Contract management

Involves the creation, review and tracking of contracts. Support lawyers in structuring contracts and creating links between them. Support of natural language processing and machine learning technology enables to automatically abstract contract terms to facilitate the contract review.

Online dispute resolution

ODR platforms can be associated with the concept of virtual courts and the idea of eliminating the need for traditional courtrooms. They partially or entirely reproduce the process of resolving a dispute, and especially the formulation of the solution, on their online platforms.

Legal chatbots

A Lawyer Bot is software that does automated tasks usually carried out by lawyers. Lawyers can use Lawyer Bots to speed up their work and provide a better client experience by letting clients serve themselves online.

Conflict check software

Conflict check solutions quickly scan whether a potential case or client presents a possible conflict of interest for an attorney or firm. The goal of these applications is to ensure that attorneys and law firms meet their requirements when it comes to professional responsibility.

IP asset management

Intellectual Property (IP) Management Software is used to manage and protect patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other IP. It automates the manual processes around protecting and managing intellectual property portfolios through billing, trademark tracking, docketing and more.

Risk management

Organizations from small to global can face a myriad of risks in their daily operations. These can include security, financial, compliance, governance, legal and reputational risks. While no single tool can help a company avoid all risk, risk management software can help measure, predict, and manage them appropriately.

Regulatory compilance

This kind of tools can help businesses cut regulatory costs and minimize risk of non-compliance. Machine learning automatically keeps track of global regulatory data and prompts alerts by detecting regulatory changes that pose a compliance risk.

Legal research and analytics

Visual law services underpinned by quantitative analytics help with visualisations of important correlations in case law. At the same time, statistical predictive litigation analytics are overtaking expert litigators in accurately predicting the results of court decisions.

Document review and e-discovery

Document review tools are making the traditional task of lawyers to review large amounts of documents much more efficient. E-discovery tools additionally enable lawyers to support and manage the entire discovery lifecycle, from discovery and collection, protection, review, analysis to document preparation.

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Unique experience

Software development is not only about the service itself, but also about understanding the world of tech products. At Unicornly, we’ve developed our own legal-tech, SaaS, cloud-based solution called Matters. It’s a secure and scalable system, capable of handling dozens of thousands of disparate data in a safe way, being used on daily basis by a myriad of lawyers worldwide.

With Matters, we help law firms streamline day-to-day operations and keep control over employees, matters, finances and metrics from any place in the world. It is our main accomplishment in the legal tech industry because this project required in-depth knowledge about legal industry and strong experience in building software that is secure and able to handle large volumes of information.

Having built our own successful product, we can go extra mile with services of software development, as it’s significantly easier for us to step into the shoes of our customers. Unique knowledge and hands-on experience gained when working on Matters is what truly sets us apart, comparing to other software houses. We simply understand how to build a tool and design a service with its business success in mind. We don’t just do software. We do software that translates into results and competitive advantage, and is secure, scalable and reliable.

This in-depth knowledge and experience helps us in building needs understanding and fostering a goal-oriented mindset within the team at Unicornly.

A cloud-based legal practice management software built by Unicornly

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