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Cloud-based legal practice management system


The goal of this project was creating a SaaS product that helps lawyers getting things done and takes care of their administrative work.

The main challenge was to understand the actual needs and pain points of lawyers and create a product that customers are willing to pay for. The second challenge was cybersecurity as lawyers deal with sensitive information that needs to be extremely protected. The last challenge was the ability of the system to process large volumes of information with growing number of users.


First stage of the process was purely consulting services including interviews, analysis and workshops. We started from performing live interviews with potential customers to verify our assumptions about their needs and pain points. Then we analyzed functionality of the competitive products to determine market positioning and unique value proposition. Last step was a product vision workshop where we decided what the future product should and shouldn’t be. As a result of this stage we produced a product vision document and a rough estimate of implementation.

After the board of directors gave us green light we performed a product discovery workshop to determine the detailed scope of the project. First, we defined the list of features to implement, extended them with a detailed description and attached mockups of the user interface (UI). Then, we estimated the time needed to implement every feature based on its complexity. Last, taking into account business value and estimated cost we prioritized the tasks form the most to the least important ones and divided them into subsequent releases. The result of this stage was a product backlog and budget estimation of the MVP.

The next stage was implementation. We created a scrum team including Product Owner, UI/UX Designer, Two Front-end Developers, Two Back-end Developers and QA Engineer. The team worked in 2-week sprints. At the end of each sprint we placed results on the test server and performed a demo. This way we could show this product to the potential customers very early and get valuable feedback. We used Slack for communication, Jira for project management and Github for code repository.

Product launch was the last step of the process. The web application was installed on servers located in Zurich, Switzerland to ensure the highest level of privacy. We managed to successfully create a secure, high availability infrastructure that was easy to scale. After the launch we provided ongoing maintenance and implemented few new releases.


Matters is a real success story. Five years after launch it’s a product used by thousands of lawyers every day.

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